Agency work is a concept in which DEKRA as an employer assigns its worker (agency worker) to client, i.e. user and signs with the user Employment Leasing Contract and with the worker Work Contract. Besides finding quality and appropriate workforce for your business organization, agency work service includes solving all administrative, legal and accounting jobs for you. Big advantage that DEKRA has is a large CV base which gives us the possibility to react very fast when you have a need for workers.


Administration Model

  • We hire an employee and assign him/her to work for you and, while doing so, we deal with all the administration and operational management affairs.
  • This way, you can focus all your attention on running your business, and we will take care of the employees.
  • With this employee assigning model, the agency fee is levied on a total monthly cost of an employee.
  • Our longtime experience and expertise are a guarantee of a secure and reliable partnership.


Effective Working Hour Model

  • Similar to the administration model, we assign an employee to work for you, while taking over all the administration affairs.
  • With this employee assigning model, we calculate only the effective working hours done by the worker.
  • The working hours which are not effective (sick leaves, annual leaves, holidays, etc.) will not be charged.


Agency Work - Try & Hire

Try&Hire service includes:

  • Employee assigning according to the Administration Model or Effective Working Hour Model for a trial period.
  • After the trial period is done, you have the opportunity to take over, i.e., directly employ the worker if they have met your expectations. We can repeat the entire Try&Hire process, if necessary.
  • Try&Hire service is an ideal opportunity to find employees who will fit in with your business organization.